NordicTrack Sleep Review

NordicTrack Sleep Review

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Experience Smarter Sleep

NordicTrack over the last few years entered the sleep scene with its iFit wearables and iFit Coach technology platform.  Now it has a mattress to increase its presence in the sleep area. The company has embraced an overall well-being philosophy based on four pillars:  activity, sleep, nutrition, and exercise workouts – incorporating this across all its products and technology. 

NordicTrack's answer is a 13” hybrid mattress combined with an iFit Sleep Coach app that works with sophisticated specially designed sensors.  The mattress is super comfortable and the app works smoothly to deliver a Sleep Score every morning so you can be at your peak self throughout the day.

The NordicTrack Sleep Mattress seeks to improve sleep patterns for a smarter, healthier lifestyle incorporating a cutting edge mattress design with it's iFit Sleep Coach app.

W H A T  W E   L O V E  

Hybrid • Cool Memory Foam • FreshWake™ Alarm • Sleep Score

The NordicTrack Sleep mattress is designed to help recovery and improve your sleep.  It consists of cool memory foam, micro coils encased in dual density foam and pocket coils for support.  This hybrid mattress is comfortable with a springy, soft but supportive feel.  You don’t sink into this mattress, and when you lie down you feel both the hug of the memory foam plus the push back from the springs.  It’s nice.

We love the FreshWake™  feature that sets off your alarm at the lightest part of your sleep cycle during your set time frame. You wake up feeling energized instead of coming out of a fog of deep sleep.  If you are still in a deep sleep, unfortunately it will still wake you up so you don’t get a late start to your day.

How? The mattress comes with the iFIt Sleep Coach sensors and app to monitor heart rate, body movements, breathing patterns, and delivers your sleep score every morning to your phone.  You can use the detailed stats to continuously improve your sleep.


This is a luxury mattress and is comparable to the Tempurpedic Flex Breeze models.

NordicTrack Sleep is a hybrid medium firm mattress made of gel memory foam, micro coils, and pocket coils. You can choose from 2 comfort options, Plush or Firm.  Both have a little soft feel on top and a firmness of a 5, on a 10 point scale with 10 the firmest, for the plush option and a 6.5 for the firm option.

It has a height Profile of 13”. 

When you connect to the iFit Sleep app (Android and iOS mobile apps available) you’ll have access to a ton of stats when you went to sleep, when you awake, hours of deep sleep vs. light sleep; number of times you wake up, your heart rate and more.  What is cool is that you can decide how many hours you want to sleep and it will send a reminder to you when it is time to head for bed.

The iFit Sleep app tracks the quality of your sleep by monitoring your nightly heart rate, body movements, breathing patterns, and more.

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You can sleep on a Nordictrack Sleep mattress in your home for up to 100 nights. If you aren’t satisfied, send your mattress back within 100 days (shipping included) for a refund.

The Nordictrack Sleep mattress comes with a 10 year warranty.  The sleep monitor has a 1 year warranty for the two sensors.

- Ships to the USA
- CertiPUR-US® Certified & OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified

You wont feel the Nordictrack Sleep Sensor - it tucks easily under the mattress- one for each side

You wont feel the Nordictrack Sleep Sensor - it tucks easily under the mattress- one for each side


The NordicTrack Sleep mattress has a luxurious, cushiony, airy feel.  There is a bounce back responsiveness you feel as you lie on the mattress but you also feel a soft top.

This mattress has been well designed to give years of comfort and durability.  There is little to no motion transfer so partners do not disturb each other when moving during the night.  The memory foam provides pressure relief to reduce tossing and turning during the night so you sleep without waking.

Top layer is a comfort zone of two cool memory foams to provide support and pressure relief. Memory foam continues to outperform every other foam alternative with its superior combination of softness and stability. It has the number one satisfaction rating in popular consumer surveys. This combination of gel memory foams keeps it cool, soft and comfortable.

Comfort Zone provides a moisture wicking fabric on top of two cooling gel foam layers to reduce pressure points and provide support

Comfort Zone provides a moisture wicking fabric on top of two cooling gel foam layers to reduce pressure points and provide support

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Moisture Wicking Cover

The second layer combines precision micro coils encased with dual density foam interlocking layers. The result of this cutting-edge engineering provides consistent, long-term comfort. These micro coils are scientifically proven to be more durable, maintaining their form and integrity longer than other materials while still providing a comfortable feel as the micro coils tilt and pivot to fit your body. This layer takes the NordicTrack Sleep mattress ahead of its competition like the Tempurpedic Flex models. It delivers a more durable and more comfortable sleep surface while providing sensors and an app to actually improve your sleep at a price competitive with the Tempurpedic Flex models.

Interlocking Dual foam support. Pivoting macro coils minimize motion transfer

Interlocking Dual foam support. Pivoting macro coils minimize motion transfer

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Interlocking Dual Foams

Because of how the NordicTrack Sleep mattress is constructed it will deliver first-day comfort year after year.

The third layer consists of individually wrapped coils with foam edge casing to provide full edge to edge sleep surface and support.  You won’t feel like you are rolling off the mattress, the edge support is superior to the competition.

The NordicTrack Sleep mattress adapts and responds based on weight, height, and temperature so each person sleeping on it will have a personalized experience.

Independently wrapped coils with edge support to provide a consistent feel across the surface

Independently wrapped coils with edge support to provide a consistent feel across the surface

  • The NordicTrack Sleep mattress uses proprietary foams to keep the mattress cool and responsive, and uses two types specially designed coils to provide maximum comfort, support and durability.
  • It offers two comfort options Plush or Firm. Both have a supportive feel with a soft top. Best description is its soft and either medium firm or firm at the same time.
  • The NordicTrack Sleep mattress comes with two sensors for each side of the bed that independently monitor you and your partner. Each sensor is simply tucked under the mattress and plugs into an outlet.  The sensors automatically sync via Bluetooth to the iFit Sleep app to provide analysis and details for your sleep.

Who Should buy the Sleep Mattress?

  • Those who like the feel of a Tempur-Flex Breeze Supreme but want to conveniently know more about their sleep and want a slightly more spring push back feel
  • People who want the huggy feel of a memory foam mattress but also want a spring feel as well so they don’t have experience a “ stuck in the mattress” feel
  • Individuals who want to monitor their sleep conveniently without having to wear a tracker and learn how to improve their sleep quality
  • Those who like soft feel on the top but also want a medium firm support. 
  • People who want to relieve aches and want the pressure relief that memory foam provides but want to experience a cool sleep
  • Active individuals who lead busy lives and need their body to recover from workouts, stress, and daily activity.
introductory offer: SAVE IMPROVE YOUR SLEEP


Twin XL $2,349
Queen $3,349 ✓
King $4,199

SO IN THE END ── Final thoughts

NordicTrack Sleep Mattress is a comfortable, supportive hybrid mattress that stays cool. The mattress does provide pressure relief and support for spinal alignment. The use of high quality materials keep motion transfer to a minimum and for those that like the feel of a traditional mattress this one has plenty of spring. The two layers of gel memory foam keep a nice soft hug feel but the mattress still delivers a push back feel from the micro coil layers. One thing to note is this mattress has good edge support for a consistent feel across the whole surface

This is a luxury mattress and the price reflects that.  It is competitively priced against the Tempurpedic Flex models and delivers a lower price with a better product in terms of durability and a cooler feel. The mattress is well designed and made with quality materials that will provide durability for years.  The iFit Sleep Coach addition is key if you want to improve your sleep and overall wellness.  We think the mattress with the iFIt Sleep Coach compliments a commitment to being fit and enjoying a healthy lifestyle by being at a peak level of daily performance.

The NordicTrack Sleep mattress is a good purchase for anyone who wants/needs to improve their sleep using technology combined with a good mattress design. The detailed information gathered by the iFIt sensors and analyzed by the iFit Sleep Coach will provide information so you can make changes to improve your sleep and fitness.

Materials 9.6
Supportive 9.6
Comfort 9.7
Motion Transfer 9.6
Sleeps Cool 9.5
Service level 9.5
Price 9.6

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