NordicTrack Commercial 2950 Treadmill Review with 22" Display

NordicTrack Commercial 2950 Treadmill Review with 22" Display


Overall Score 9.8


This is a winner – the very durable Nordictrack Commercial 2950 comes with iFit Coach so you get access to coach led live training sessions.  Even more important is the new awesome 22” HD touch-screen. No more treks to the gym, you will have the best classes that integrate automatically to your treadmill so you don’t have to manually adjust the incline or speed as it matches the terrain you visually experience on your touch-screen.

You have 24/7 access to on-demand classes so you can work-out on your schedule.  Having the Commercial 2950 in your home will support you achieve fitness goals, plus iFit trainers will be with you every step the way to assist.

more immersive workouts with iFit Coach

A 22 inch Touch Screen with Streamed iFit Classes

Your Workout just got Way Better


With a 22 inch Smart HD touch-screen the Commercial 2950 treadmill gives you a whole new visual and training perspective with iFit trainers leading the way.
Watch the short 1-minute video clip below to see iFit Coach in action.


1 minute snapshop of iFit trainer Led Treadmill and Cross-Training Classes on the Commercial 2950 treadmill by NordicTrack


22” Smart HD touchscreen • 15% Incline • Durable • iFit Coach

with GlobeTrek™ Workouts The  iFit Coach takes you to gorgeous destinations beautifully displayed on the 22” Smart HD touchscreen as an iFit trainer guides you through cross-training classes or running video workouts.

You can track your progress and stats on the dashboard via smart phone, desktop or on-screen.

With the negative -3% decline and the 15% incline you can burn more calories in the same time.  It changes up your work-out and makes it more challenging.

The 4.25 hp motor keeps you moving every day even for over an hour so you get in those long runs.  This machine is well built and is quiet when in operation.

The ability to fold-up and move is  smooth and easy to do.  A quick tap with your foot and the deck quietly lowers itself into place or is easily folded up.


You can get an iFit Vue wearable to track your sleep, steps, calories, workouts and more.

With Runner’s Flex you can switch a suspension from a cushioning feel or a more road like feel for what is best for your comfort.

You can walk, jog, and run with speeds up to 12 mph with a decline or incline range of -3% to 15%

You can check your heart rate using the built-in EKG grip sensors.

There are three workout fans built in that automatically match your speed and intensity.

The treadmill belt is 22” x 60” long enough for any size stride, plenty of room feel unencumbered while running.

The Commercial 2950 comes with a lifetime frame warranty, 5-year parts & electronics warranty, and a 2-year labor warranty.

 You can switch the suspension from cushioning to feel more like a road surface by toggling the side button.

You can switch the suspension from cushioning to feel more like a road surface by toggling the side button.

 The Commercial 2950 has a Runner's Flex suspension that if selected can increase protection for joints and knees up to 30%.

The Commercial 2950 has a Runner's Flex suspension that if selected can increase protection for joints and knees up to 30%.

//  The Commercial 2950 has a power-adjustable console height to accommodate runners of all heights



Cross Train with the iFit online Classes.  Add NordicTrack Speed Weight Adjustable Dumbbells that quickly adjust to five different weights

When the cushion suspension is activated there is up to a 30% improvement in joint protection.

You can add 2 Speed-Weight Adjustable Dumbbells for $199,
you get five dumbbells in one, which means you save time and space as you build muscle.  Quickly switch and adjust your dumbbells between 2.5,
5, 7.5, 10, and 12.5-pound dumbbells as you power through your workout.

NordicTrack does provide a 30-day money back guarantee.

  • The Commercial 2950 has a Space-Saver® Design so you can fold up the deck and minimize the space the treadmill takes up when not  in use.
  • Choose the training you want with 40 workout apps created by certified professional trainers.
  • HD Video Workouts from around the world, guided by professional personal trainers.
  •  LiveCast™ Classes offer intense cross-training classes in the comfort of your home.
  • The support team is available to help with delivery, selection and questions and can schedule delivery and assembly.

Space-Saver Design

Easy-smooth action up and down

iFit Coach

Get access to a wide variety of LiveCast™ Studio Classes + Training sessions from spectacular destinations including New Zealand, Thailand, Italy & Peru to name some

Who Should buy a Commercial 2950 treadmill?

  • People who want a spacious track with adjustable console height
  • Those who will use their treadmill often, sometimes for a long period.
  • Families or Groups who have multiple users on the machine
  • Runners who can benefit from the incline range
  • Multiple users with varying heights - power-adjustable console height

The  Commercial 2950 comes with a 22"  Smart HD screen and iFit Coach.  Plus a space saving design for easy storage


  • Commercial 2950 $2,499 Introductory price offer (Regularly $2,799)
  • iFit Coach 1 year subscription $33/month billed annually or $39/month
  • Shipping free to door
  • Room delivery & Assembly available for $249
  • Extended warranty available

SO IN THE END ── Final thoughts



─ The NordicTrack Commercial 2950 Treadmill, with a Smart 22 inch HD Touchscreen, screams "BUY ME" if you are in the market for a great treadmill.
It is durable, hard working and has a roomy 22" x 60" deck.  With a range of negative -3% to a 15% incline and speed up to 12 mph, this machine has the power and options to support anyone's fitness goals at a good price for the value offered.

Motor, Rollers, Belt 9.6
Suspension 9.6
Deck Size 9.7
Durability 9.7
Cool (fans) 9.6
Customer Service 9.0
Price 9.8


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