A Guide How to Buy a Treadmill at Nordictrack

A Guide How to Buy a Treadmill at Nordictrack

Which Treadmill Features do I need?

Like any product with lots of models and features buying a treadmill can be confusing. The various terms, range of prices and options makes it hard to know the key differences between brands, models and cost — and then — there’s what you actually need. In this article we want to make it easier for you to find the right treadmill for your fitness goals and hopefully make that maybe.yes.no decision a little clearer. Later we provide some recommendations divided into 4 categories below: for the Serious Runner, Moderate Runner, light Jogging, Incline Trainers and Treadmill Desks for office/home productivity walker.

Some Starter Questions:

To begin your treadmill quest, start by answering these questions:

✓ How much is your budget range or limit?

✓ How much space you have – does it need to fold ?

✓ How many users and how often will the treadmill be used?

✓ How long on average will most workouts be?

✓ How will you use the treadmill? running vs. jogging vs. walking vs. incline

✓ Do I want to save my usage & workout stats?

✓ Do I want a heart rate monitor?


With the answers to the above questions in mind — Here are some key areas to focus in on that will provide a guideline to help you decide the type of treadmill and sort-out feature package you should consider. The treadmill’s components are a determination of quality. Short on time? Skip to view our Recommended Treadmill Picks.


Unless the treadmill has a strong enough motor, you will easily wear it out. The motor’s horsepower (HP) should be at least 2.5 HP for walkers, 3.0 HP for joggers, and 3.5 HP for runners otherwise your treadmill will not last very long. You should add .5 HP for every 50 lbs. over 200 regardless of activity. Consider only models with 3.0 CHP if the treadmill will be used over 40 minutes everyday and with multiple users definitely heed this advice. If you are running 5 miles or more at a time you want to consider a model with 4.0 CHP.

The difference between CHP and HP?

When deciding on a treadmill make sure you match the motor’s rating to the treads expected activity. Check the  continuous-duty horsepower rating (CHP).  The higher this rating, the more intense use & longer life your treadmill will perform

When deciding on a treadmill make sure you match the motor’s rating to the treads expected activity. Check the continuous-duty horsepower rating (CHP). The higher this rating, the more intense use & longer life your treadmill will perform

Treadmill motors are rated by the amount of horsepower (HP) they provide. The higher the horsepower rating, the stronger and more powerful the motor. Look for treadmills rated at continuous-duty horsepower (CHP). A 2.0 CHP motor is in fact more powerful than a 2.0 HP motor.

(CHP) Continuous-duty horsepower measures the motor's HP over an extended period of time and is a more accurate indicator of motor output, because it is performed at the voltage used in application by the particular motor. Whereas Horsepower(HP) is just a calculation of the motor's maximum horsepower and does not measure the motor's HP over an extended period of time.


After the motor CHP, consider the width and length of the treadmill’s running deck. You will need at least 20” wide and 55” deck length to be comfortable walking. If you are running you really want to look for something wider like 22” and 60” in deck length.


Next look for the size of the roller. You want to pick a model which has a roller at a minimum around 2” in diameter or more for walking/jogging and 2.5” if running. Roller size matters — with a larger roller there is less pressure and it will last longer as it needs to spin slower, resulting in less wear and tear. As final note; with a larger roller there also tends to be less slippage on the deck as there’s more surface area in contact with the roller.


Do not under-estimate the Power of the Incline! Just walking at a 10% incline, even for a little bit, can be so much more effective for you.

If you are looking to burn more calories in a shorter period of time or like a challenge and variety to boost your workout, while running walking or jogging, you will want a treadmill that has at least a 10 to 12% incline ability. If you’re really looking to challenge yourself then consider incline trainer treads that go all the way to 40%. See recommended options below.


A quality treadmill will be comfortable, quiet, easy to use, and will last 5 to 10 years depending on use. Under a $1,000 (sales excluded) your treadmill will tend to probably not last too long especially when there is more than one user.

In general you want to purchase the highest quality within your budget. Although you can spend less than $1,000 especially if you are just walking — remember you generally get what you pay for. It will make more sense for your treadmill investment to spend between $1,200 and $3,000. These models will offer more stability, better motors, better warranties and more workout options.


If you are a DIY person, assembly should be reasonably simple for you. Usually 30 to 60 minutes. For everyone else, we recommend you purchase the assembly option to avoid some unnecessary frustration. Treadmills are heavy and bulky to move around. Occasionally parts are missing or broken, your assembly team will be able to immediately assist with any issues, place the machine in the room you choose, setup, assemble and test.

“Don’t be that person who assembled the treadmill in their garage and then realized they had to move it into the house.
— myn true Story | it's heavy


Exercise equipment has gone hi-tech and treads are no exception. Some of the better, new treadmills deliver classes right to your console in HD. Some treadmill brands include integrated cross-fit work-outs, Google map options and follow the trainer through stunning scenic runs and training runs displayed on your treadmill’s touchscreen or tablet.

iFit Coach for example, integrates with Nordictrack & Proform equipment bringing the studio class experience to your home gym with professional trainers to motivate and encourage you. If you want to be motivated, challenged and coached to hit your fitness goals this approach might be perfect for you — especially if you want to avoid going to the gym.


For The Serious Runner

Our recommended picks from Nordictrack’s Commercial Series for serious training, frequent runners, multiple users and runs generally longer than 45 minutes per session. Price includes 1 year iFit membership (a $396 value). Learn more about iFit Coach.

You may want to consider one of the models from the Incline Series below for an additional challenge with inclines up to 40%.


For Moderate Runners, light Jogging

Our recommended picks for this group is Nordictrack’s recently released
T Series, replacing the C Series treadmills, has better touchscreen and iFit integration. The T Series are for runners who plan to run less 30-45 minutes per session and less than 5 times per week. If you’re into power walking these are also good choices. Both these machines will support multiple users. Price does include a 1 year iFit membership. Click this link to Learn more about iFit Coach.

Incline Trainer Series

The Incline Trainer Series is for those who want to embrace the power of incline training, to lose weight or get in shape fast. All incline recommended options from Nordictrack include 1 year iFit Coach subscription and comes with a Lifetime warranty on the Frame, Motor, and Deck, plus 5-6 years on Parts & Electronics.

This amazing series of treadmills all support up to a 40% incline. To learn more Read our reviews and articles. In 2019 Nordictrack released its Commercial series of incline trainers with a upgraded frame and a new Sled Push feature and released the Commercial X32i with a wider 32 inch screen.

Watch how Matt 'The Bear' Novakovich explains how he has been using NordicTrack Incline Trainers to help him become a Spartan and Obstacle World Champion. He also gives some good advice on getting in shape no matter what your age or fitness level. Short Video below is: 1.59s

The Treadmill Desk

Initially thought of a a gimmick this piece of equipment for some can be life changing. If you want to incorporate more standing and walking into your day or ensure you complete 10,000 steps+ every day or you are time starved — spend hours working — here are two options to consider with some nice added features. USB charging port, adjustable height, a wide surface area, SKG pulse and heart monitor grip with a LCD readout to name some.



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