Staying Fit with the Fusion CST

Build long lean muscles with a Fusion CST…
..SO you can do the stuff you love to do

Stay Strong

with the
Fusion CST…


...So you can keep on playing Outdoors.


Fusion CST Strength & Cardio Training is Great for all your Favorite Sports

The guys and gals from NordicTrack are into all the good stuff –snow boarding, spartan racing, rock climbs, mountain biking, fly fishing, trail hikes and road race cycling – just about any outdoor lifestyle activity you can think of. To reduce chances of getting hurt and continue to have maximum fun, it helps to stay fit, strong and in shape for your favorite activity, no matter what your age.

So Nordictrack’s design team drew-up plans for an unbelievably effective, galactic-ally good-looking, sleek, hi-tech exercise strength trainer and named it the Fusion CST. (Short for Cardio + Strength HIIT Trainer)

Made to build strong lean muscles this game changing, full body, cross-trainer is powered by iFit. The Fusion CST includes a smart removable 10" HD touchscreen tablet which streams class workouts with elite trainers. They interactively take you through all the moves one-on one in a studio setting – except you’re at home. To get fit, strong and in-shape takes half the time, as you combine resistance strength building with cardio. Modern, sleek and cool the Fusion CST has a tiny footprint¹ yet delivers a big bang when it comes to strength training and fitness.

To get strong lean muscles that make everything else better, click here for the best deal and get into favorite activity this coming season.

Watch a Fusion CST HIIT Class in Action below

Modern, sleek, hi-tech and cool the Fusion CST has a small footprint yet delivers BIG on your Fitness
— MYN Review team


¹  the Fusion CST  Small footprint. Big Bang. Dimensions: 41.5"d x 59.4" w x 73.7" h

¹ the Fusion CST Small footprint. Big Bang. Dimensions: 41.5"d x 59.4" w x 73.7" h

Fusion CST strength trainer Side-view sketch



an interesting side-note is that John’s wife (@kpeelphoto) was Ayra’s stunt double on Game of Thrones. Maybe John knew all along who wins the throne?

John helped introduced the game-changing Fusion CST that combines strength building and cardio so you burn more calories quicker yet develop lean muscles, which tend to be less prone to injury.

John has transformed his passion for athletics and physicality into a career becoming an expert in personal training coaching celebrities like Patrick Schwarzenegger, Jason Kennedy at E!, Colton Haynes (Teen Wolf) and Maria Shriver. John feels he is responsible for his clients well-being and that makes every second of his training worth it. Time is valuable in everyone's life, so maximizing time and energy when exercising has become his specialty.

The benefit to my style of training is to keep your heart rate at a peek high while using muscle excursion at the same time. It is fast pace and strength training combined into a single circuit which is the most beneficial to one trying to burn fat and build muscle at the same time. It is very time efficient and gives you the most bang for your buck!

His style of training is personalized per client, but he applies his skill helping people push themselves to a whole new potential, and getting the most out of their time. Nutrition and life coaching skills are also a major part of John's focus in attaining ones fitness goals.

Currently he has an interesting position at Nordictrack as an iFit trainer for their studio classes and destination workouts/runs. He’s traveled to Antarctica, Italy, South America, Switzerland and French Polynesia to film destination sessions that are classes available on-demand to customers using their Noridctrack or Proform rowers, treadmills, bikes and ellipticals.

John additionally has also been featured in commercial and print ads for major brands such as Nike, UnderArmour, Dick's Sporting Goods, United Airlines, NordicTrack, Body Blade, Gold's Gym, Weider, Total Gym, Rip:60, and has hosted multiple fitness segments.


How can time-starved people fit daily exercise into their lives?
— John Peel, iFit Trainer

15-Minute Fusion CST HIIT Workout


  • 6 Lunges with punch

  • 5 Push-ups

  • 10 Jumping jacks

1st Circuit – 2 Rounds:

  • Push up position, reach and pull (30 seconds each side)

  • Skiers (30 seconds)

  • Side plank, pull through (30 seconds each side)
    **Modify by dropping knees to the ground

30 Second Break

2nd Circuit – 2 Rounds:

  • 3 push ups, 3 froggers (30 seconds)

  • Squat and drive (30 seconds)

  • Mountain climbers (30 seconds)

30 Second Break

3rd Circuit – 2 Rounds

  • Right arm, left leg tap (40 seconds)
    **Modify by bending at the knee

  • Plank and tap (40 seconds)


  • Quad stretch

  • Drop hips and stretch lats

  • Stretch chest


for the athlete in you