Nordictrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill Review

Nordictrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill Review

Over All Score 9.7

2450 Treadmill Overview

The Commercial 2450 is a treadmill built to last through daily use, long distances and supports multiple users — a reliable hard working machine with comfortable deck surface. It offers features only found on much more expensive options and at an economically pleasing price like the 14” HD color touchscreen. Additionally, you get studio classes guided by professional elite trainers streamed to directly your console’s touchscreen or tablet. Run on your own or with an iFit trainer, who will guide and challenge you, through stunning destinations and terrain from around the world — or take an intense cross-fit workout class all while at home — so fewer gym hassles.

“With the features you get, the Commercial 2450 treadmill is for those with a Mercedes taste who prefer a Volkswagen budget. Great machine, great price, great value!
— myn review team
Commercial 2450 Review  A durable s a hard working treadmill that holds up to multiple users, daily runs and longer distances with nice design features included

Commercial 2450 Review A durable s a hard working treadmill that holds up to multiple users, daily runs and longer distances with nice design features included


• 3% Decline • 15% Incline • One Touch Controls • iFit Coach

With the negative 3% decline and the 15% incline you can burn more calories in the same time and focus on a different sets of muscles. It changes up your work-out and makes it a little more interesting.

The powerful 4.0 CHP motor keeps you moving every day even for over an hour — so you can get in those long runs.  This machine is built really well and operates quietly. The ability to change the deck cushioning with the reflex-knob is a nice option and definitely saves some pounding on your knees and joints.

To learn more about features important in a treadmill checkout our guide on how to buy a treadmill.

Avoid the GYM with iFit Coach

The Nordictrack Commercial 2450 comes with iFit Coach included so you get access to trainer led runs, workouts and studio classes — No more treks to the gym. You will have the best trainers and classes that sync automatically to your treadmill so you don’t have to manually adjust the incline or speed, your tread does it for you. Professional trainers are with you every step and give a heads up when they are going to increase elevation or speed.  You have 24/7 access to a vast selection of content classes so you can work-out or train on your own schedule.  Convenient and motivating — having the Commercial 2450 will support you as you achieve and maintain your fitness success. Up to 4 separate users can track their own goal hitting progress and stats on the iFit dashboard viewed on the 14” color touchscreen.

iFit Coach offers picturesque destination runs led by pro trainers streamed to the 10” Smart touchscreen in HD or you can mount and connect your own tablet as well. A trainer guides you through cross-training workouts keeping you company on scenic runs from across the globe. To make it more interactive, fun and challenging, during a workout, the treadmill can adjust incline and speed automatically to match the terrain you’re seeing on the screen — an immersive experience for sure. Of course you can always make your own adjustments. The 14” color touchscreen is a great size to view the iFit destination runs and studio classes.


The Commercial 2450 treadmill supports weights up to 300 lbs. This is a comfortable treadmill with its roomy deck and powerful motor designed to reduce vibrations. The strong 4.0 CHP Durx motor is self-cooling and will keep up with you even on your longest runs and comes with a lifetime warranty.

✓ You can walk, jog, and run with speeds up to 12 mph with a decline and incline range of negative -3% to 15%.

✓ With runner’s flex you can switch suspension from a cushioning feel to
more of a road like feel to suit your comfort level.

✓ You can check your heart rate using the built-in EKG grip sensors.

✓ There are three workout fans built in that automatically match your speed
and intensity.

✓ The treadmill belt is 22” x 60” long enough for any size stride, plenty of
room to feel unencumbered while running.

✓ The Commercial 2450 comes with a lifetime frame & motor warranty,
5-year parts & electronics warranty, and a 2-year labor warranty.

✓ The Commercial 2450 has a pivoting integrated tablet holder for off the
treadmill workout class segments.


by adjusting with one turn the deck cushioning


When the cushion suspension is activated there is up to a 30% improvement in joint protection.

Shipping is Free to your front door.

You can have the treadmill setup in the room of your choice for $249. Nice option to ease assembly and delivery.

NordicTrack provides a 30-day money back guarantee.

iFit Coach is Included


  • The Commercial 2450 design allows to fold up the deck and minimize the space the treadmill takes up when not in use —a good Space Saving feature.

  • Studio classes and trainer led runs, with daily studio cross-fit classes can be streamed to your tread’s 14” display console or your own tablet that offer intense training classes in the comfort of your home.

    Choose the training you want with 40 on-board workout apps created by certified professional trainers.

  • The support team is available to help with delivery, selection and questions and can schedule delivery and assembly.

Space Saving Design allows the treadmill’s deck to easily fold up

Space Saving Design allows the treadmill’s deck to easily fold up

Who Should buy a Nordictrack Commercial 2450?

- People who want coaching as they run. The iFit trainers are some of the best
and iFit has sent them all over the world to film with gorgeous scenery as a
backdrop. The trainers provide interesting points of the locations as they keep
you motivated and challenged. The 14” touchscreen is a perfect size to view the workouts.

- Individuals who want a spacious deck with adjustable console for different
runner heights.

- Those who will use their treadmill often, sometimes for a longer period. This is a
durable machine that can take a pounding.

- Homes that can have multiple users using the tread.

- People who can benefit from and like an incline and decline range.


  • Commercial 2450 $2,999 (always check for best deals)

  • iFit Coach 1 year subscription included

  • Shipping free to door

  • Room delivery and Assembly available for $249

  • Extended warranty OPTIONS available in cart

AT THE END ── Our Final Thoughts

Excellent value for the money

The Nordictrack Commercial 2450 with its 14 inch high definition touchscreen is a durable treadmill that holds up to multiple users, daily runs and longer distances.   It is a hard working machine that has a roomy 22" x 60" deck.  Additionally with a decline and incline range of -3% to 15% and a speed up to 12 mph, this machine has the power and options to support anyone's fitness goals at an excellent price for value offered. The included iFit membership offers over 10,000 workouts and runs around the world by some of the best celebrity trainers. The Coaches are good, entertaining and keep you engaged to assist hitting your fitness goals. The new 14” touchscreen is a great size to view the iFit workouts!

Commercial 2450 Score Breakout

Motor, Rollers, Belt 9.7
Suspension 9.4
Deck Size 9.8
Durability 9.7
Cool (fans) 9.6
Customer Service 9.0
Price 9.8

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