Parachute Mattress Review

Parachute Mattress Review


Over All Score 9.8

Parachute Mattress Review


The Parachute mattress is American-made, eco-friendly, Foam free mattress that looks amazing right from delivery.  This is a well-designed mattress that uses the highest quality, mostly USA, sourced materials.  This mattress is both comfortable and supportive, one of the best among all online and even luxury offline mattresses. This is a mattress that has the design to provide a great sleep surface for all types of sleepers. The design is so good looking it makes you want to own this mattress and sleep all day. The Parachute Home bedding collection compliments the mattress perfectly with its selection of thoughtful beautiful bedding, blankets and accessories that match and enhance Parachute’s The Mattress. Parachute has intentionally decided to make a no-foam mattress and instead uses layers of pure New Zealand wool, 100% organic cotton, nano coils and pocketed steel coils - materials that do work together. It is a magically good feeling to sleep on this mattress AND has a luxury designer look. Wow this is one to consider and then buy.

As a side-note if you like the Wood Bed frame above it’s handmade by American designer, Chris Earl and you can read more about this and the designer following the link here Wood bed frame, Parachute Home collaborates with Chris Earl.

Parachute Mattress  on a wood bed frame by Chris Earl - See the  Chris Earl write-up

Parachute Mattress on a wood bed frame by Chris Earl - See the Chris Earl write-up

The Mattress by Parachute on a walnut wood frame by Chris Earl
Parachute Mattress  is hand made in the USA and includes White Glove Delivery


New Zealand WoolDesign & Style TechnologyEco-Friendly


Parachute uses layers of sustainable, hypoallergenic, flame-resistant pure New Zealand wool to naturally regulate body temperature and keep you comfy – cool in warmer temperatures, warm in winter months. The premium New Zealand wool is hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking for better sleep and provides a clever layer of protection of the micro-coils and pocketed coils from each other.

Parachute Mattress is designed as a luxury eco-friendly mattress combining micro coils and pocketed coil springs with a combination of wool and cotton layers. The benefits of this combination is a firmer mattress for spinal alignment and overall better support.


Parachute mattress is a hand-tufted bed, with cream-colored upholstery. The tufts are inserted by hand into the foam-free mattress and hold the inner layers in place. The mattress has a great designer look with vertical ribbed sides and a cushiony top.


Soft and firm coils create comfort, stability and support zones. The combination of coils keep air moving heat away from your body keeping the mattress cool, cooler than the competition. 

Parachute is one of the first mattresses to use two sets of micro coils as one of the comfort layers.  Micro Coils are super-conforming, but also maintain a level of support.  This layer adds a nice touch to the mattress by adding a little springy feel to the mattress and reducing motion transfer so you won’t feel your partner’s movement.


The Parachute mattress is free of foams, adhesives, petrochemicals and chemical flame retardants and uses only eco-friendly materials like wool and organic cotton.



Comfy Sleep for You


Parachute has included only the best, most innovative materials and includes White Glove Delivery with removal of your old mattress in the price. The price of the Parachute mattress at $1,890 for a queen is competitive for this quality workmanship and delivery service. You can easily compare the Parachute mattress to Kluft and Shifman and realize Parachute is delivering a great mattress at a decent price point.

View the Layers of The Mattress

Parachute Mattress Layers Cutaway below shows latest coil technology with New Zealand wool coil comfort layers.


  • The Parachute mattress is sourced and made in the USA.

  • The Mattress ships in the continental USA for free.  Your mattress will be hand-delivered with Complimentary White Glove Service via Pilot Freight Services. You may schedule the delivery at your convenience. It arrives compressed in a box, carried in and rolled out by a two-person white glove delivery team. White glove service includes set up and old mattress removal. If you decide to return your mattress, you can arrange to have picked it up for free.

  • Firmness of The Mattress comes in at a medium firmness with a little plush on top, rating a 6.5 on out of a 10 point firmness scale, with 10 the firmest.

  • It has a height of 13”. 

  • You can sleep on a Parachute mattress in your home for up to 90 nights and, if you’re not completely satisfied they will refund 100% of the purchase price.

  • The Mattress comes with a 10 year warranty. 


  • The outer quilting is 100% organic cotton. All materials are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and GOTS certified. The mattress is tufted which eliminates the need for glues and adhesives to hold the layers together.

  • It is made in the U.S.A. (South Carolina to be exact) by fourth-generation manufacturers who know how to craft the perfect mattress for comfort eliminating back-aching sleep.

  • We found this mattress good for all types of sleepers, the mattress gives enough so you won’t get sore shoulders while it supports your back.   It has responsive, conforming and pressure-relieving tendencies that combine well and work together.


Parachute mattress . Feel the pocketed coil push-back along with the plush comfy feel of the top New Zealand and organic cotton layers.

Parachute mattress. Feel the pocketed coil push-back along with the plush comfy feel of the top New Zealand and organic cotton layers.

The Parachute Mattress has a soft and firm feel to it, the best of both worlds. It has “just-the-right” firmness for every type of sleeper, side, back or stomach. The internal coils are strategically placed throughout the mattress to offer firmer support in some areas including the center, “providing more neutral alignment for the spine,” and softer zones for added comfort for your legs, shoulders, and head. 

Parachute deliberately made a firmer mattress (most people prefer firm), they recommend that lovers of soft, puffy tops add Parachute’s mattress topper.

The feel of the  Parachute Mattress  cover has a soft finish. The Mattress is made from natural materials that are free from toxic materials.


  • The Parachute Mattress is Foam-Free, using no foams at all in its mattress.

  • The comfort layer uses two sets of micro coils that conform to your body for a more supportive feel.

  • Parachute ‘The Mattress’ has a distinctive high-end designer look & is well finished.

  • The Parachute mattress provides a premium luxury quality product at a competitive price for the value it offers.

Parachute Mattress  is a supportive mattress for proper spinal alignment throughout the night and will work with any surface. The Parachute Mattress comes with a 90 day home trial and a 10 year warranty.


People who want a luxury mattress at a value price with an in home trial with a 100% refund if unsatisfied.  

Those who want a mattress made without latex, memory foam or poly foam.

Folks who like a springy feel to their mattress.

People who like firm support. If you want more of a pillow top feel, you can add the Parachute topper ($169).


Purchase bundles to save on mattress, pillows, sheets and duvet.

Twin $1,299
Twin XL $1,299
Full $1,799
Queen $1,899✓
King $2,199
Cal. King $2,199

Night Cap ── Our Final Thoughts


The Parachute Mattress is a recommended buy. This mattress competes well with Kluft or Shifman and wins in both price and quality. By design, it uses no foam layers but uses instead, a foam-free combination of New Zealand wool, cotton and two sets of micro coils for comfort layers, on a spring support system of over 6,000 coils. This mattress provides Great support. The Parachute Mattress is like a luxury mattress with quality of craftsmanship, an attractive designer look plus it offer great value for the price which includes white glove delivery and set-up.

─ The Parachute Mattress is a recommended buy if you are looking for a comfortable supportive mattress complete with White Glove Delivery (includes old mattress removal). With the 90 night trial, you can try out Parachute mattress without risk at home.

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Review Scores for Parachute Mattress

Materials 9.7
Supportive 9.8
Comfort 9.6
Motion Transfer 9.0
Sleeps Cool 9.7
Service level 9.6
Price 9.8

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